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Instant Interiors

The Low-Down

Instant Interiors offers a flexible but comprehensive bespoke design service for less.

Why Instant Interiors?

You may not want or need Sydney Maag's full range of services. If you want to address just one or two rooms rather than the whole space and prefer to do your own purchasing based on a design schematic, Instant Interiors might be the ideal solution for you.

Where We Work

Our clients can live almost anywhere in the country. We consult via email and internet. Design resources are accessible locally or online.


To get an idea of the style and taste of future clients, we ask our clients some searching design questions and request digital photos of the rooms they want to address, as well as photos of the exterior of their homes. We ask clients to measure their rooms for us, walking them through this part to make it simple. Once we determine the client's design direction (i.e. classic, modern, mid-century, eclectic, transitional, etc.), we create a personalized master design schematic.

Six weeks after placing an order, the client receives a beautifully cloth-wrapped presentation box containing Instant Interior's master plan for each room including:

  • a personalized design concept board (using color images, magazine tears, sketches, etc.) to be used for design inspiration for the room
  • a detailed schematic furniture plan, drawn to scale, with specific furniture pieces selected and resourced
  • a book of specific fabric swatches, samples of wallpaper and/or paint, flooring, tile, window treatments...
  • a detailed shopping list of resources – local and online – for all design elements
  • a step-by-step explanation of how to pull all the elements of the presentation together using the Instant Interior design scheme. Up to the client as to how they wish to execute their final decisions.

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