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Forty years after its release, THE GRADUATE continues to seduce. Channeling its Hollywood Regency-meets-'60s aura, we reinterpret Mrs. Robinson's lavish lair as a naughty-but-nice enclosed patio, sexed up with luxe accents and animal prints-perfect for a present-day tryst (with a lemon twist).

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Opposites aatract: Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) and Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) amid a sea of black and white furnishings.

Post-romp, the unlikely couple lounges; he in innocently preppy boxers, she in fabulously predatory leopard lingerie.

Adultery wasn't Mrs. Robinson's only vice; she's almost always portrayed sipping a cocktail, cigarette in hand.

Common in mid-century homes, the louvered doors in this iconic scene provide texture and dimension (and ventilation when thngs get steamy).

Domino Room

the translation process

suburban jungle
It was the mid-1960s when recent college graduate Benjamin drove his father business partner's wife home from a party, accepted her invitation for a drink and succumbed to her sexual advances. Can you blame him? Mrs. Robinson's Beverly Hills haven captured the zeitgeist: the exact moment that glitzy Hollywood Regency style was coding to the next big thing in home decorating - futuristic mod.

objects of desire
We conjured Mrs. Robinson's chic (and symbolic) fusion of new and old by pairing a sleek leather sofa, space-age club chairs and glossy side tables with showy chinoiserie touches, like the loi lamp and gold serving tray. A zebra ottoman recalls her array of animal-print outfits, while lush plants, a striped awning and shuttered screen hard back to set details from the movie (and offer privacy from nosy neighbors). A curvy, compact bar cart nods to Mrs. Robinson's eternal cocktail hour, and ensures that the area feels less utilitarian and more all-weather glam.

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